The Crash at Roswell


I believe the space vehicle that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico is real. I don’t believe there are any such things as alien beings living on other planets. I think the Roswell vehicle was a Pre-Adamic vessel.

Pre-Adamic means “before Adam” as in Adam & Eve. There was a civilization on this Earth before Adam, it was a more advanced civilization than ours today. It was destroyed in a horrific nuclear war. Dinosaur fossils can & were detected with a Geiger counter because the Pre-Adamic world was the time the dinosaurs walked this Earth & they perished with the Pre-Adamic world. Their fossils are radioactively “hot” with uranium as a result.

The “aliens” aboard the Roswell vessel were dead for about 6,000 years when it made it’s way back to the Earth as a meteorite does & crashed. It originated from the Pre-Adamic Earth. I read The Day After Roswell by Colonel Philip J. Corso(with William J. Birnes). Lt. Col. Corso said the U.S. gov built a nuclear powered (to power the electro-magnets) copy of the Roswell craft, but it wouldn’t do anything. Why? Because our solar system was different in the Pre-Adamic time. Back then all nine planets orbited the sun in the same orbit, equally spaced out & all were the same size. Have you read the conclusions of scientists that studied the data sent back from the two Voyager spacecraft NASA sent on the grand tour of our solar system? They said if Jupiter & Saturn were in Earth’s orbit they would be the same size as the Earth. The magnetic fields of the nine would’ve worked like the field coils in an electric motor. The Roswell craft (as well as others [probably multiple thousands]) would most likely be launched from any of the nine planets in a similar manner as our Space Shuttle. Once in orbit the Roswell craft would use it’s magnets to interact with the combined magnetic fields of the planets (possibly like a magnetic levitation train functions) to travel to the other planets. They would’ve rode inside the orbit of the nine planets with the planets gravitonal pulls being a part of their locomotion. Very efficient & simple. These Pre-Adamic craft couldn’t travel outside of our solar system.

What happened? As I said “The Pre-Adamic world came to an end by a horrific nuclear war”. One of the planets was blown up. Our scientists today believe the meteor belt between Mars & Jupiter was a planet at one time. Pluto isn’t a planet. Just think, nine planets in the same orbit gravitationally locked together, what would happen if one was blown up? The rest would be “sling shotted” out. That is why all the other planets today are scattered out in a destroyed condition in the same plane, but different orbits. In order for life to be possible on the other eight they would need to be in the Earth’s orbit. Isa 45:18 For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else. If God didn’t make the Earth in vain (tohu as in Gen 1:2 And the earth was without form [tohu: chaos], and void; [bohu: waste]) then He didn’t make the others in vain.

The occupants of the Roswell spacecraft are reported to very skinny arms, legs and a big head with big eyes. The first person (an old prospector) to stumble upon the crashed craft said their blood was like tar. No surprise given that they had been dead for over 6000 years in the cold vacuum of space. Look at the pics of the Italian Iceman found in the Alps after being frozen for 5000 years. The Pre-Adamic world came to an end at least 6000 years ago. The Roswell spacecraft was in orbit when this horrific nuclear war took place. As a result the occupants also died. The spacecraft wandered for about 6000 years in the cold of space as a meteorite till it crashed in 1947 at Roswell. Notice the similarities of the reported looks of the “aliens” & the Iceman.iceman11.jpegiceman1.jpg_39510237_iceman_susanna_styrol_2031.jpg

Lucifer started the nuclear war to stop God’s plans, but it didn’t work. God continued with Adam. See my entry titled “Adam”. Satan brought down Adam & Eve & then the Antediluvian world. God again continued with Noah. All Satan can do is hinder, God will have His way. God’s plan of salvation by what His Son did on the Cross is not & will not be in vain! Place your trust in what Jesus did on the Cross. Jesus didn’t fail. Victory was won on the Cross.


One Response to “The Crash at Roswell”

  1. 1 Dave

    Main man, what you write makes sence.The issue is just like any other Religion. It is based on Faith & opinion,not 100 % cold hard fact. So when we die this would be an excellent issue to discuss with the lord. Keep writing, you definitly have the intelligence.

    Dave Arledge

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