After the whistle blew at quitting time a
co-worker & I were discussing abortion as we were
walking to the gate. He didn’t see anything wrong
with abortion. I know it is murder. As we exchanged
our opposing viewpoints his final argument was “it
doesn’t matter because when a baby dies it
automatically goes to Heaven”. My mind went blank as
I didn’t know how to respond for I also believed that.
A question suddenly came to mind “Is there another
way?”. I know I didn’t generate that question, it had
to be of God. I knew very well the Bible says Jesus
is the door, what He did at the Cross is the only way.
When I got home I scoured the Bible for answers. 1
Corinthians 7:14 was the answer I found. 1Co 7:14
For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife,
and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband:
else were your children unclean; but now are they
holy. Jimmy Swaggart said God made special provision
for children below the age of accountability, I
believe 1Co 7:14 is that special provision.

I was told of a woman who said of the children
starving to death in third world countries “let them
die, they will automatically go to Heaven”. Abortion
outside of the womb! How can they go to Heaven
without trusting in what Jesus did at the Cross? Is
there another way? If there is then Jesus gave His
life in vain on the Cross.

A missionary’s number one job is to preach the
Cross! They must be grounded in correct doctrine &
supported by a home Church that gives the Holy Spirit
free rein. They need to surround themselves with
people trusting exclusively in the Cross of Christ.
The Cross is the only way those they are feeding &
caring for can escape their plight. Without the
Message of the Cross they are just a feeding station &
a first aid clinic.

A man asked me how can a just God let the
hunger, cruelty & disease in this world happen? I
told him a father is only responsible for his own
children. Until we’re born-again we’re children of
Satan. Satan is worse than an uncaring father, he
wishes everyone was dead & in Hell. God cares for His
own children, all that are trusting in the Cross of
Christ. He also cares for the lost, Jesus gave His
life on the Cross for all. He is the one that sends
the missionaries & preachers. All we have to do is Trust


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