Religion & Politics


Politics is just another word for anyone’s or anything’s policy. There are many forms of government. The most obvious are national, state & city governments. Families & households have governments with the father as the headship. Now days there many single parent households with the mother in leadership. Employers have governments with the personnel or human resource director in charge. Churches have governments with the pastor in charge. I can go on & on, but you get the message.

All of these forms of government have one thing in common. They have policies. These policies are the politics of how they think best to govern. The policies are broken up into individual laws, regulations & rules. Governments are mandated by God. They are for the safety and fair play for & by the people. Unfortunately many (if not all) don’t live up to this mandate and will have to give an account of themselves before God. Churches have the mandate to preach the Cross to all that will listen. This is the distinction of the separation of church & state. This doesn’t mean that Christians can’t vote, run for office or voice their opinion on how the government operates. Christians have the obligation to demand that the government adhere to the Bible’s commandments of fair play (Proper respect for the rules, just and equitable treatment for all). This is because God is The Standard of what is right & wrong.

Religion is just another word for politics. Religion is rules, regulations & laws by which men (mankind not gender) try to make themselves right. Religions are no more than governments. Religious requirements are their policies. Religious politics are their policies they believe will make them righteous.

As you can see there are no difference between religion & politics. They are the same. Christianity is the opposite of both religion & politics. R & P are men’s efforts. As such there will always be arguments & strife. I don’t need to explain why that is. Even a small child can give you that answer. Put two toddlers in a playpen with only one toy. You won’t have to watch very long before you have your answer.

Christianity says men don’t have the answer to men’s problem. Look through out history. What law has solved a problem. What law has never been broken. We’ve had laws against speeding for over 70 years. How many speeding tickets were written today? Jesus paid the penalty on the Cross. It’s what Jesus did at the Cross. It’s what a Man did, the man Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the only sinless perfect sacrifice. God had to give His Son on the Cross as a man to pay men’s sin debt. It wasn’t a matter of policy, it was a necessity! As long as one will cling to the old rugged Cross they will grow in the image & likeness of Jesus. Christianity is not politics! Jesus is not a religion! Jesus is The Answer! The Cross is where it Happened!

Christianity cannot & shouldn’t be forced on anyone!!! It has to be willful!!! Forced Christianity isn’t Christianity!!! Christianity is faith in what Jesus did at the Cross!!! Jesus said “Who so ever will”. Religion will try to force itself on others. Politics forces its will on others.


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