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Pillar of Salt


The sin of Sodom wasn’t homosexuality, it was worse,it was false doctrine.  What could be worse thansaying God sent His Son to die on the Cross in vain? With the whole city practicing good deeds & high moralstandards to justify themselves before God,  it wouldbe hard to see the wickedness of the city.Mat 23:27  Woe […]



After the whistle blew at quitting time a co-worker & I were discussing abortion as we were walking to the gate. He didn’t see anything wrong with abortion. I know it is murder. As we exchanged our opposing viewpoints his final argument was “it doesn’t matter because when a baby dies it automatically goes to […]

Politics is just another word for anyone’s or anything’s policy. There are many forms of government. The most obvious are national, state & city governments. Families & households have governments with the father as the headship. Now days there many single parent households with the mother in leadership. Employers have governments with the personnel or […]